Reading and Writing (2019)
읽기와 쓰기

30 x 21cm
Handwriting on Paper
Original Text Written in 2012

(Print Editions in Two Sizes/ A3, A1) 

Writing is not speaking.
Writing is extracting.
It is a process of extracting.
As if bees make honey,
As if water comes from the air.
In honey, there is each bee’s labour.
In water there is each drop’s journey.

Reading is not writing.
Reading is waiting.
It is a process of waiting.
As if cats look at the outside world beyond the window glass,
As if peaches go rotten without words.
Only the cat knows what it sees.
Only the peach knows how being dead feels like.
Reading comes from the reader’s heart, the reader’s past.
It waits for its own owner.

All Contents ⓒSu Jung