Mathew (2012)
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[Somebody's Somebody] series #2
시리즈 누군가의 누군가 #2
Dimensions variable
A table, a found book opened on the dedication page, a blank note opened, video installation

* The video includes the fourteen pages of fourteen people’s handwriting which indicates the same sentences written by Su Jung. The artist found a dedication page for Mathew Prichard and she decided to ask people if they knew Mathew Prichard for a week. None knew Mathew Prichard, but when somebody knew Mathew, the artist asked the person to write the below sentences with the surname of Mathews who they actually knew.

I know the name, Mathew
I know who Mathew is
Mathew is Mathew {SURNAME} for me
I don’t know who Mathew Prichard is
Mathew Prichard isn’t Mathew {SURNAME}
He is somebody’s somebody

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