Everything Is Water (2014)
모든 것은 물이다

#Written by Su Jung_ Narrated by Alex Whittaker
In Collaboration with Ted Oonk, Project [Possible Islands]_ A Verse for Possible Islands

There were times before us
There were times before land
There were times before legs and arms

When I was very little, they said, there was a pile of sinful spirits under the water - sea is the grim reaper
I used to have nightmares about black water
At the deepest bottom, there were many faceless bodies,
I was very scared but I couldn't help getting closer to them
I was looking at them closely, as they became thousands of grains of sand
When I woke up with terror,
I ran to Mum's bed with teary eyes

Everything is water

There were times before words
There were times before birds
There were times before bridges
There were times before Disney's cartoons
And there were times before times

She used to like looking at the sunset over weirdly shaped cliffs by sea waves;
she called the cliffs The Comb
She explained to me why, by pointing at the cliff
But I didn't understand her at all - there must have been many things like that
Something is never understood
Somebody is never understood

So many sand castles built and disappeared
I wondered where the castles were going to,
the edge of another island
The edge of another beach,
The edge of someone's finger,
They might have reached you

When people went to sea in tiny fishing boats
The whole floating island was empty
No children, no ice-cream truck, no Ferris wheel, and
no fairy lights.

Boredom made me think of a lady in waiting for her unreturned husband on the shore
Gazing at the distant horizon everyday, becoming a stone in the end
I didn't think that this was unlikely to happen.
I thought if the cliff can be eroded into sand, a woman could harden into stone
I sometimes went up to that same cliff and looked out at what she would of seen

Everything is water

Even the drops of rain falling down to the sea
Even the wind blowing on the surface
Even the blood and tear under your skin

Do you remember that we talked about it?

There were times before you
There were times before voice
There were times before insects
There were times before schools, libraries, museums, hospitals
There were times before wishes, promises, stupid hope

And there were times before times

Everything was water

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